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A collective of individuals who have a passion for good design and helping business become more successful.


It all started with two minds, Fini & Antön, who quickly realized after meeting that they shared the same taste in design and style and both worked in the creative industry. Wanting more creative freedom , Fini & Antön decided to partner up and start their own agency based on how they felt a company could better help other businesses.

AVFØ gets its roots from Munich, Germany, as well as from the founders’ love for Scandinavian design and minimalistic ideals. We believe in keeping things simple, increasing functionality, and adding lasting beauty that will inspire customers to engage with the businesses we work with.

We pride ourselves on the relationships that we build and nurture with our clients because we prefer to see every project as a partnership and not as a transaction. Our clients’ success is our success, and we hold that on a very personal level.

Let’s create something beautiful together.