Scholten Leatherworks

Scholten Leatherworks is a fictional Danish leatherworking brand that was created solely for this micro project. The goal was to not only design a landing page around this brand but to actually design the brand itself, hopefully drawing on our creative direction in the process.


Print, Digital & Web







The Danish aren't widely known for leather exports, but Scholten was created to change that. 

Disrupting the common perception of wooden clogs and windmills, Scholten made it their mission to give Denmark a name in the industry of leather goods paired with modern fashion.

Web & Mobile

Scholten's web presence is meant to bring awareness to Denmark's place in the industry as well as inspire users to explore and embody the "hygge" spirit.

Emphasis on Craftsmanship

The art of leatherworking has been the cornerstone of almost every company in the industry, and Scholten is no different. We wanted to ensure that Scholten's new site showcased the love and passion that is put into every product they release.

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